Anonymous said: Lots of ppl vote for "fake shit". Maksyl wasn't all real, I'm sorry. They did the almost kiss week 3 and every package was Maks having a "rough" time and Meryl sometimes literally holding his hand. They had chemistry , but I don't think they were in love on the show. Ppl made Meryl Americas sweetheart, while Janel is an overly confident cheater. Not fair.

I never said maksyl was real, I said that I (personal opinion) thought they were more natural than janelskiy. None of us truly have any idea what’s real and what’s not no matter how much evidence you think you’ve gathered which I know is big around these parts. But you know what? For DWTS it doesn’t even matter what’s real, it matters how these people come across. For the most part, no one “made” anyone out to be anything, this is (generally) how they were/are being perceived by America, whether those characterizations are true or fair or not. My simple point is that I don’t think janelskiy is coming off all that natural and as a result I don’t think they will get as far as they’d like to. That’s it.

Anonymous said: I went in2 s19 solely going to vote for him & JP. He said he had "the best one," & ppl were calling her the one to beat, but premiere night proved them wrong. After seeing where things were going btwn them, all of my votes from that day on went to Alfonso. I get it's a reality show, but it's a dance competition and it's so unnecessary. I just feel like there are 3 stars who are more deserving of making the finals than them. Tbh they both are horrible actors & not convincing, & week 5 was proof.

I feel you. This isn’t a competition of showmancing, and they haven’t proven they deserve the win. I actually love Janel as Mona FWIW and was excited for her to be on the show but I’ve only been disappointed so far. Disappointed by her personality I mean, the dancing is generally fine.

Anonymous said: In response to a previous anon, I'm sorry but if you can't support Val then you're not really a good fan? He isn't 'egging' on shippers at all, he is allowed to take photos and hangout with girls that he considers part of the 'fam'. Not only that but I personally don't see a difference in how he treats any of his partners. He flirts with all of them. The only difference this time is that Janel flirts back. And I don't blame the girl, have you seen Val Chmerkovskiy? She's been single for weeks.

Again, just gonna drop this off here since it’s not really to me. You all should come off anon haha.

Anonymous said: To that other anon, When Val tweeted he was "seasick from this shipping," he wasn't talking about Vally or Valdaya, & Janelskiy wasn't around yet. He was referring to the Valenna ship bc they kept tagging him & J in pictures, and suggesting they were a couple. It was seriously overkill that weekend, which is why he tweeted that. But to chime in on this discussion: I know he's "playing the game," but doing that is what may cost them the final 4 & MBT. I don't root or vote for fake shit.

Samesies to the last part. I don’t see how they make the finals.

Anonymous said: Thinking he's "egging" Janelskiy shippers is one thing. But to say Valenna and Valdaya. Seriously? That's rl. Those are ppl he's close too. Can the guy not take pics anymore? Shippers egg shippers on. Even Maksyl ones. Ppl get mad when the boys "mess w/ their ships". That says nothing about THEIR character.

This looks like a response to my previous anon and not me, so I’m just gonna leave it right here.

Anonymous said: Honestly Val is losing my respect. A few months ago he was tired of the shipping now he's bringing back the Vally shippers and egging on the Janelskiy, Valdaya and valenna shippers! For a man who used to value his privacy, he's not anymore. It's all for votes and fame. Fake. This is not the man I've been a fan of. Character plays a big part in who I'm a fan of, not just talent and his character is questionable as of late.

Don’t know enough to comment on the front half of this, but I totally agree with it all being for votes. I get the vibe that he thinks this is what fans want to see (maybe because of Maksyl?? But to me Maksyl was natural) and that’s the most unfortunate part because I think that for the most part, fans don’t want to see this at all. They want to see you dance and have fun and YES BY ALL MEANS have amazing chemistry but leave the games out of it. The worst part is that it feels like they’re adding this unnatural element to garner attention/interest/votes, but I think they’re gonna finish worse than if they just played it straight.

Anonymous said: Im a Val fan and I love him & janel together. They seem to be good friends, have great chemistry, and are dancing well and thats what matters to me. Drama is what you make of it, and i make nothing of

Agree completely. Everyone responds differently, and that’s why I asked initially because I was curious to see how others were responding.

Anonymous said: I dont get the ambiguity regarding Janelskiy. Yes they are touchy feely, but when asked if they were in a relationship or if there was anything romantic between either Janel has said no. The switch up interview & the lie detector etc

Honestly, I’m so turned off that I haven’t watched a lot of their recent stuff, but as I’ve said earlier from what I have seen they seem totally comfortable being coy about the whole thing and inviting all of the speculation. They say no but after a lot of hemming and hawing. The point I made earlier was that I don’t think people could relate to someone in a relationship who was behaving that way. But it’s clearly conscious decision that they made and that’s fine. Just different people are reacting to it decision differently.

Also regarding the lie detector, let’s keep it 100 — that’s TOTALLY in line with the whole ambiguity theme, although I don’t pretend to have any idea of who’s behind these ideas and how much say Janel and Val have in participating so they may not be to blame so much.

Anonymous said: lbr, Janelskiy winning was a long shot w/ Alfonso and to a lesser extent Sadie. Now w/ all this drama, I'll be surprised if they make it to top 4. I was thinking she'd push Bethany out of that last spot, but now, not so much. And it's a shame 'cause like you guys said, Val's having a lot of fun w/ his choreo. Oh well.

Yes, I agree that they had no chance in winning. I don’t even think Sadie has a chance, it’s Alfonso’s to lose. But they should have been in the finals easily when you consider fans and ability, but I don’t see them getting there now and it’s because of the drama which is sad.

Anonymous said: My only problem w/ Janelskiy is them not giving a definite answer to the are they/aren't they. Everything else, the affection & all that, that's Val, he's always been like that. I wasn't sure about Janel, but she was the same w/ Artem as she is w/ Val, so... And I think the break up is just bad timing. Also if you're a Peta fan, you should get what the show does ie: Peta/James

That was the weirdest part to me as well. You never want to judge because Janel’s relationship is(was) her relationship but I don’t think a lot of people can relate to all of the ambiguity and at the end of the day, relating is what matters on this show. And re: Peta, that was exactly my point haha. She had four straight seasons of this (although moreso in S17-18) so I feel your pain. Although I think Janel and Val’s situation is more in line with Brant/Peta than James/Peta.

Anonymous said: I'm actually really liking this season as a Val fan because romance rumours aside, you can see Val's dancing and choreography improving week after week. He's actually got an excitement about him which I haven't seen since Zendaya's season, it's just really refreshing to see our boy enjoying himself. I think Janelskiy is a great friendship, and that they're both generally just flirtatious people which hasn't been translating well for some, but she's a great partner who gives fantastic chemistry.

Totally agree on a lot of fronts. Loving his work, the foxtrot and his broadway number with Lea were A++. Agreed a million times over about his enthusiasm as well, you could feel this even from his tweets before partners were revealed. You can tell he’s hungry for the mirror ball, BUT that’s where my disappointment is coming in. Because Janel can move and they have such great chemistry, they don’t need all this other stuff. The drama isn’t winning them a ton of votes, imo. And at the end of the day, that’s what you need to win. So I kinda feel like they’re taking something that naturally could be amazing and tarnishing it a little. Just my take.

Anonymous said: This Val fan is over Dwts and their story lines and outside drama reflecting bad on Val. The boy is just trying to dance and ppl always make him the bad guy. And I like Janelskiy just fine, it's everything else that's annoying.

I might be a little ignorant since I’m not really in the Val fandom but to me it seems like most of the janelskiy hate is more directed at Janel than at Val, no?

Your ask makes it seem like you think it’s more of a bad edit (I’m a peta fan first and foremost, I know all about the showmance edit lol) but I feel like if they were unhappy with that it’d be so easy to definitively dispel it but instead it seems like they’re egging on the chatter and speculation? that’s what’s turning me off. I love val but janelskiy (at least when she was in a relationship) feels forced to me. I think I would be less annoyed if it happened that there were really feelings there and that’s whats behind all the showmancing and janels break up but right now it kind of feels like they’re just trying to win on a storyline instead of merit which is disappointing to me.

Anyway thanks for your input. Hope this isn’t too negative for Val’s tag. Really dig him, it’s just this season I’m not in love with.

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