q-uintessentials said: could you check out my blog please? love yours! :)


Hm well this seems a bit insincere, but what do you know I like your blog so I followed you anyway which I think is what you were fishing for. Why not just keep it real and say hey girl, I’m looking for a follow.

reginaphalaange said: hi! ahh i'm sorry i keep reblogging the hella outta ya! i just love your blog - it's adorable! smiles, xo!

Reblog away!! I will never tire of Jayma’s face popping up in my notes. In fact I will thank you for that :) And thanks for the compliment! I love your blog as well!

kansasprepp-deactivated20140323 said: I love your blog! (:

Aw, thank you so much. I love yours too, it’s gorgeous!

Anonymous said: how do i install a "theme by james"?



thesaltwaterblog said: zlam!! ♛

yeesssss, zl right back atcha i love finding sisters on tumblr! :)

Anonymous said: ♪

Thanks, sweet anon!! You rule.

Song is ‘Like This’ feat. Eve by Kelly Rowland which is a personal fave.

Best line is in Eve’s verse: ‘pop another bottle for them, keep my life movin’, no time for drama, watch me blow through them’

This song has so much sass, it’s my fave. Kelly’s ‘now they sayin’ Ms. before they mention my name’ is a good one, too.

perfectpeopleslovezz said: Hello :} I am Elena. How are you? I am beginner photographer, would you mind checking my blog? Also, I need to ask you a favor.. I am saving for photography courses next year and would appreciate if you could check out an advertisement on my blog by clicking on it (It is this box on top of my blog with ad showing on in) It is VERY IMPORTANT to stay at the site for 10-20 seconds an check out that page. Hope you can help out. I will send you my photo post card one day. ;)

I will certainly check it out, best wishes!!

rednulit said: Hi! :) I just ran into your blog and just wanted to tell you that I like it a lot! so I followed haha :P I would be honored if you could maybe check out my blog as well? Thank you and I hope you will have a lovely day xoxo

Thank you so much, I will for sure check our your blog! Have a great weekend! :) 

awesoomeart said: Hi! You would make me very happy if you would visit my art blog :) Thank you!

I’ll take a look!

sarrahcatherine-deactivated2014 said: followed. check out my blog and maybe follow back? 💚💙

Thanks, I’ll check yours out right now!! :)

ladiesofluxury said: Just found your blog and I'm in love! I had to send your link to my best friend, and now we both love it! When is your wedding!? That is the most exciting thing ever oh my goodness I just want to be you! haha xxx

Aw, thank you - I think this is the sweetest ask I’ve ever gotten! I’m flattered :) Also, your blog is beautiful — I’m definitely going to follow.

The wedding is next June, so I’ve just started to get serious about planning! It’s an exciting time for sure. I’ve been posting about it under this tag

Thanks again for the lovely note — don’t be a stranger! :)

bookendsanddaisies said: Thank you for the follow, dear! :) i hope you're having a great day/night! <3 Joan


Anonymous said: a daily reminder that you're beautiful

Thanks, sweet anon! Back atcha.

lifeisbeautifulxox said: i am obsessed with your blog :) love it! <3ZLAM

Aw, that’s so nice to hear and so sweet, thank you :) Also so excited to meet another Zeta! Totally following, and also following your soyousaidyes blog as I recently (okay, nine months ago haha) said yes myself! So of course I love a good wedding blog. zeta love 

doubleblondestudy said: Hi from a Rutgers ZTA alum! <3

Hi! Thanks for introducing yourself and for following. I love meeting fellow Zetas and your blog is beautiful! zl