Ridiculously lengthy post ahead of Beyoncé’s DC show tonight

Ok so I’m beyond pumped DUH but it’s also weird because I’ve never been to a show that’s kind of “outdated” so to speak in that she obviously has this new album out but the only song off it she’s doing is XO. Sometimes acts will do brand new songs that haven’t been released yet but rarely do you go to a show where there’s new music out that’s not really represented on the setlist. I read a review of a St. Louis show that was like the day after the CD dropped and the author wrote that it didn’t have the same energy of the show they went to in the earlier leg of the Mrs Carter Show tour this summer (that was coincidentally in DC). I’m sure Bey and everyone else behind the show are still giving it their all (although they cut out some songs from the setlist this summer) but I bet that if feels a little off since there’s SO much excitement about her self-titled that just dropped yet it’s barely present in the show. A big elephant in the room. Obviously some of that has to do with prep time since everything was so under wraps but I also think the tour for her self-titled is gonna be a whole ‘nother vibe entirely since it’s not at all like anything she’s done before. Probably a slight shift in audience, too. So there’s probably a desire to keep it separate. BUT anyway, all of this to say that the good thing about this is that I have this amazing show tonight to enjoy and then also a whole new tour to look ahead to, hopefully mid next year? My fave is too good to me. Thanks, Mrs. Carter 🙌👑




Sun’s out, thighs out! 

sky’s out thighs out *



Naya Rivera ft Big Sean - Sorry




someone on my dash trying to win a contest is “giving” her followers the unfollow tracker if they help her win, something that everyone can download on the internet themselves… how kind.

i have a work crush

not a sexual work crush but like an omg-youre-so-good-at-what-you-do-can-i-be-you crush. but it’s just like a real crush in that i hope it’s not obvious or overwhelming, i don’t want her to think i’m a creep lol. i just wanna learnnnnn.